“way back when… 1983 that we know of for sure!”

In 1983 a certain Mr JS Dreyer was granted special permission to keep 2 horses (on what was initially known as farmlands 133, later to be known as erf. 1925). During 1984 Mr HJ Lintvelt brought about a further request that was granted for said property to be leased from the Henties Bay Municipality for the purpose of a Horse Riding School and a Dairy Farm for (at that time) R50 per year. In 1992 a Mr MJ Rall put forward a request (which was also granted) on same erf. which he was subleasing for Mr Lintvelt for a pig farm.

A portion of this land was later purchased by Polani Burmeister a very talented and highly respected horse woman. Polani grew up amongst the beautiful Friesian horse, Polani also furthered her Equine Studies in America. Polani fought to keep the horses in Henties and to bring awareness to the people so that the town could enjoy these gentle animals. Polani keep the stable buildings on the property original and was very active in keeping the environment natural and green.

Zelda and Herman Grobler had a little girl called Eloise who loved horses and they then leased the a portion of the land next door to Erf 1925 known as farmlands 133 for the purpose of a community driven stable yard . Erum Stables was born, Erum meaning … Eloise together with Dianne Burger and Mariaan Oberholster set about developing on the land and supporting this non-profit organisation. Eloise ran the facility for a while with her parents guidance, after completion of her tertiary education she then further studied in the equine field and was able to offer the community of Henties Bay horse riding lessons and beach dessert outrides. Eloise left to further her studies in the equine dentistry field in America, this property is now a fully fledged SPCA. Eloise now practices Equine Dentistry in Namibia known as Happy Mouth Equine Dentistry.

John and Penny Jones decided to settle in Henties Bay. Having 2 small kids they decided to invest and make the misty village of Henties Bay into an attractive place for the kids where they could have fun and play in a healthy environment for the sake of the families future happiness. Being horse lovers from youngsters they then decided to purchase the erven from Polani and bordering on to Erum Stables. Polani then designed and built a beautiful equestrian centre sporting a very cosy and unique clubhouse, stables and paddocks. We grew our family of horses from a mere 2 horses to quite a substantial herd of 16 that range from miniature horses to our favourites the majestic Friesians. From there things just developed… the kids were very much involved in the growth as every step of the way things were designed around how the family could enjoy our facility. The equestrian facility and related tourism ventures LukZet (this interesting name is a combination of there 2 childrens names Luke and Anna-Zeta in there honour)

John, Penny & kids.